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Filtering DNS and HTTPS Traffic on pfSense¶.

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When it comes to resolving DNS names, most environments will rely on the DNS servers provided by their ISP through their WAN connection.

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The issue I'm running into is that DNS isn't working on my android(9) devices, both my phone and tablet. -PFSense- Resolver ON/ DNS Forwarder OFF)(DHCP DNS being handed out is Pi-Hole address below) -Unraid  So perhaps Cloudflare being involved is why PFSense NAT can’t pick up on the fact these services at my domain are local? D # I'm gonna show you dns blocking with pfsense using DNS Forwarder Services # It's like kids playing in the park. Anyone can do easily from WebGUI page from Pfsense Firewall. Open up pfSense, first make sure the forwarder under Services, DNS Forwarder, is disabled.

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Home network using pfSense with 2 subnets This guide will setup VPN client at pfSense firewall so that all devices within the home network would use VPN for all Internet access.

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With the Snooper's Charter arrival in the UK and our American brethren about to have their browsing data sold to the highest bidder, it comes as no surprise that usage of VPN services is increasing to try and The issue is with the DNS. Because I have multiple VPN gateways, I have selected all of these from within the Pfsense DNS resolver, my DNS servers specified within pfsense are the two PIA DNS servers, but the results of the DNS Leak are not perfect. For some reason (occasionally), my public internet facing IP leaks, and so do all the other I ran into an issue with the Unbound DNS resolver on my pfSense router where FQDNs aliased to private IP address ranges were being cleansed and returned as empty. After some digging into the system logs, it was clear that the Unbound process was sanitizing public DNS entrees pointing to private IP address spaces with the following debug message: I followed the pfsense guide on page one of this thread. I also found if you want to use system DNS override, add it to your ISP gateway and not the VPN gateway. I would also do things in steps.

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1. Input the Server IP/Name, is where you will input the PIA server that you would like to connect to, the server locations available for the generation of servers you are connecting to is available in the collection you downloaded at the start. How to setup private internet access on pfSense / set up pia vpn on router🔴 Subscribe for more videos: If this video helped y Here's how we've setup our DNS IPv4 Resolver on pfSense 2.4.5.